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‘The average attention span of the average person is about half as long as whatever you’re trying to tell them’

Meg Rosoff

….. so just in case you’ve got the average attention span, here’s the latest post up first!!!!!



‘I go into my library and all history unfolds before me. I breathe the morning air of the world while the scent of Eden’s roses yet lingered’ Alexander Smith


Inside A Dog’s Favourite Quotes

Our thoughts on quotes are captured perfectly by Dorothy L Sayers!

'I always have a quotation for everything. It saves original thinking!'


Dorothy L. Sayers

'I’d write audition pieces for friends, where you’re trying to do bells and whistles so they can look good. And it turns out there’s only a fag paper between that and a short story … '

AL Kennedy

A.L. Kennedy in The Guardian June 2016

'It was enormous fun to write. It's just a meringue!'

ann tyler
Ann Tyler on writing new novel ‘Vinegar Girl’ –  from The Washington Post June 2016.

'It's not the character and the story that come first - it's the little details - the novelist wants to go in some direction and creates the character to take you there'

Orhan-PamukOrhan Pamuk on his novel ‘A Strangeness In My Mind’ – from interview with Mark Lawson November 2015



‘Like a piece of ice on a hot stove, the poem must ride on its own melting’

Robert Frost

Poetry Books

A poetry book or anthology is an ever present – a sort of literary comfort blanket to dip in and out of usually!



The benefits of a Scottish education are debatable – but it has left me with a collection of poetry quotes – which we add to when something takes our fancy

Around Us

One of the joys of commuting in London – perhaps the only joy – is the celebration of poetry on London Underground. We’ve even taken circuitous routes home looking for it!


Recent Reviews.

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Films and Events

‘Books and movies are like apples and oranges…… they are both fruit but they taste completely different!’

Stephen King

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About Inside The Dog and I.

“Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read” Groucho Marx


I’ve loved reading books since I was a kid. My taste is pretty varied – contemporary fiction, translated fiction, crime thrillers, biographies…pretty much anything really.

Our family dogs Ellie and Beau have different tastes – long walks, mud and rivers. Fortunately the long walks, mud and rivers give me time to listen to audiobooks, podcasts and music.

Originally from Scotland, and now a 30-year exile in London, I still hanker for all things Glasgow….. so I wax lyrical about Irn Bru, Glasgow’s pubs, square sausage and Scotch Pies, along with quoting lines from ‘Gregory’s Girl’!!!

My blog here at Inside A Dog is a just a way to keep me amused and pass the time but if you fancy having a look around….. you’re very welcome!


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