The Best..... and the rest..... of 2019 so far!

Book Ratings 2019
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Inside A Dog. Herewith......







As Dr Seuss once said ‘Why fit in when you were born to stand out?!’


Passing The Thomas Helm Test – ‘So Good You Dread To Begin The Last Chapter!’


A Book Which….’Leaves You Slightly Exhausted At The End – You Live Several Lives While Reading It!’ William Styron


‘I Am NOT A Man! I Am CANTONA!”……Yes I know it makes absolutely no sense in a book rating system but there is only one number seven!


The Will Smith Of The Book World….’Not Particularly Talented, Just Slightly Above Average In Talent!’


Mel C Of The Spice Girls Once Said ‘This Is Me. Take It Or Leave It!’ – Personally with Mel I’d have left it! This book is the same!


A Swedish Proverb says ‘In A Good Book The Best Is Between The Lines!’…..In This Book There Was Nothing On OR Between The Lines!


The Modern Equivalent Of What Lord Byron Once Called ‘Johnny Keats Piss-A-Bed Poetry!’


‘A Good Novel Tells Is About Its Hero: A Bad Novel Tells Us About Its Author’ – Think GK Chesterton Might Have Had This Book In Mind!


As Truman Capote said of Jack Kerouac…’This Isn’t Writing…..It’s Just Typing!’

Inside A Dog's Tens........ the 'Stand Outs'

As Dr Seuss once said ‘Why fit in when you were born to stand out?!’

Tess Of The D'Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy

It’s Tess….. how could it be anything other than 10!

Metropolis by Phillip Kerr

In which an old Scotsman belatedly discovers the joys of the mercurial, moody and magnificient Bernie Gunther!

Inside A Dog's Nines....... the 'last chapter dreads!'

‘Books that are so good you dread to begin the last chapter’ Thomas Helm

Love Is Blind by William Boyd

The life and times of a Scottish piano tuner! And it’s great!

Spring by Ali Smith

The third book in the Four Seasons set is the best yet!

Inside A Dog's Eights..... the 'several lifers!'

As William Styron said, these are books which…. ‘leave you slightly exhausted at the end – you live several lives while you’re reading it!’

Inside A Dog's Sevens....... the 'Cantonas!'

‘ I AM NOT A MAN…… I AM CANTONA!! …… Yes we know it makes absolutely no sense in a book rating scale, but there is only one number seven and it’s always going to be Eric!

Inside A Dog's Sixes....... the 'not particularly talented's!'

The Will Smith’s of the book world…. ‘not particularly talented, just slightly above average in talent!’

Inside A Dog's Fives....... the 'Mel C's of the Literary World!'

‘ This is me… take it or leave it’ said Mel C. When it comes to Mel, I’d probably say leave it… same with these books really!

Inside A Dog's Fours....... the 'Between The Liners!'

A Swedish Proverb says ‘In a good book, the best is between the lines’. In these books it must have been because there was nothing word reading ON the lines!

Inside A Dog's Three's....... the 'Piss-A-Beds!'

‘ These are the modern day equivalents of what Lord Byron once called ‘Johnny Keats’ piss-a-bed poetry!’

Inside A Dog's Two's....... the 'All About The Author's!'

‘ A good novel tells us everything about its hero… a bad novel tells you everything about its author!’ Think GK Chesterton might have had these books in mind……!

Inside A Dog's Ones....... the 'Jack Kerouac's!'

As Truman Capote once said of Jack Kerouac’s work…. ‘This is NOT writing….. this is just typing!’