Stephen Hawking versus My Mother For The Theory Of Everything!

Jun 4, 2016Watching0 comments

You wouldn’t think your average Glaswegian mother could compete with the genius and intellect of Stephen Hawking! But they could in one crucial area – while Stephen Hawking is still looking for The Theory of Everything, your average Glaswegian mother HAS ALREADY GOT a theory for everything!!!!! And in my family, the theory is that everything leads to jaundice!  My mother had a long list of theories about things that would induce jaundice, including going outside with wet hair would definitely give you jaundice!!!!!!! And what’s worse, Glaswegian mothers expound these theories like ‘wet hair and jaundice’ with such certainty and confidence that other mothers believe them!!!!!!! And then repeat them to their kids!!!!!! Before you know it,  there’s a whole neighbourhood of kids TERRIFIED of getting their hair wet!!!!

So with a tentative fear I might have the causal link between wet hair and a yellow tinge to my skin and eyes confirmed (years of brainwashing about jaundice doesn’t dissolve easily!), we went to watch The Theory Of Everything at the cinema last week. Not only is it a truly fantastic film there’s not a hint of drivel about jaundice anywhere!

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last few weeks you’ll know everything about it. So I will spare you the details! But for any ex-rock dweller who happens on this post, it tells the love story of Stephen and Jane Hawking, from their first meeting as Cambridge students up to what’s pretty much the present day. It’s written from Jane Hawking’s perspective, based on her autobiography ‘Travelling To Infinity: My Life With Stephen’. I’ve not read it but I definitely will now because………………….

Eddie Redmayne on the Theory Of Everything....

I thought it was going to be a biopic but the script was a complicated, intricate and, at moments, difficult love story.

The Theory Of Everything is magnificent….wonderful…..You name a superlative and it deserves it!!! Eddie Redmayne as Stephen is simply mesmerising and if anything, Felicity Jones as his wife Jane is even better! The story is fascinating and heart-breaking and uplifting all at the same time!

I know nothing about cinema so not only is there no point in me pretending I know anything about acting as an art, I won’t pontificate about locations, or lighting, or sound either. Instead I will simply say it looks great, it sounds great and it is……great! On top of the great story and performances I’d also give a special mention to the music. It’s not often I even notice a film score but I thought the music was just beautiful in places.

I absolutely loved The Theory Of Everything and so did my partner, so much so that on leaving the cinema she and another woman were having a debate about which of them had cried more!!!! I urge you, implore you, beseech you to go see it. You won’t be disappointed……… though you may well go through at least one box of tissues………. so go prepared because popcorn is useless for drying your eyes!!!!!

The Theory Of Everything stars Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones, with David Thewlis ( fab!), Emily Watson and the brilliant Maxine Peake among others. It is directed by James Marsh and according to Wikipedia that fantastic music is by Johann Johannsson.