Poetry Collection Review

Someone With Something To Say Who Really Can Say It!

Now All Roads Lead To France by Matthew Hollis

Poetry Collection Review.

The Ex-Bride And Groom Stripped Bare

Stags Leap by Sharon Olds

Poetry Collection Review.

The Odd Brown Smartie In A Blue Smartie Sea!

Imagining Alexandria by Louis de Bernieres

Poetry Collection Review.

Scattered Things and Changing Skies.

1914 Poetry Remembers. Edited by Carol Ann Duffy

Excerpt from ‘The Last Post’ by Carol Ann Duffy

You lean against a wall,

your several million lives still possible

and crammed with love, work, children, talent, English beer, good food.

You see the poet tuck away his pocket book and smile.

If poetry could truly tell it backwards,
then it would.

Excerpt from ‘Bantams’ by Jackie Kay.

It wisnae men they sent to war.

It wis boys like the Bantams

– wee men named efter

a small breed o’ chickens,

or later: a jeep, a bike, a camera

Poetry Collection Review.

A Buzz About It ……….. Obviously!

The Bees by Carol Ann Duffy

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Robert’s Day!

0n 25th January 1759, the Scottish poet Robert Burns was born. He’s a bit of hero for us at Inside A Dog……. well for me he is a literary hero…… the dog’s hero is probably the butcher! But regardless, we celebrate his birthday, and his genius, with Burns Night every Jan 25th.


‘mair nonsense has been uttered in his name than in ony’s barrin liberty and Christ!’ Hugh McDiarmid Scottish poet.


‘Liberty’s In Every Blow… Let Us Do Or Die’ From ‘Scots Wha Hae’ by Burns


‘Twas In That Season When A Simple Bard, Unknown and Poor – Simplicity’s Reward / Ae Night Within The Ancient Burgh Of Ayr By Whim Inspir’d Or Haply Prest Wi’ Care’ From ‘The Brigs Of Ayr’ by Burns

Inscription in Rabbie’s Bar Pub, Ayr

‘Why Does Rabbie Burns In Ayr, From His Domain In Statue Square, Seem To Gaze On Scenes Afar, And Turn His Back On Rabbie’s Bar!’

Diary Entry by Agnes McLehose 6th December 1831

‘This day I can never forget. Parted with Burns in 1791, never more to meet in this world. Oh may we meet in heaven’


‘Till A’ The Seas Gang Dry My Dear, And The Rocks Melt Wi’ The Sun’ I Will Love Thee Still My Dear While The Sands O’ Life Shall Run” from ‘A Red Red Rose’ by Burns

Chieftains Witnessed On Chalk White Chargers.....

The Death Of King Arthur by Simon Armitage

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If History Could Be Folded….. Poetry On London Underground!